Exhibition Catalogs 2010-2017

Exhibition catalogs 2010-2017

Groupshow Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf (DE) 2017

„Die Grosse“ has existed for more than 100 years, it is the oldest and largest contemporary art exhibition in Germany and shows an up-to-date overview of the artistic developments in Düsseldorf and all NRW. Last year, about 10,000 people attended the exhibition at 3 weeks‘ duration. A total of 150 artists from all over Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands present their works. The areas are painting, photography, graphics, new media as well as sculpture, installation and performance. The „Art Prize of the Artists“ goes to the Düsseldorf artist Hermann Focke in 2017. With this award, the Düsseldorf artists honors Ewald Mataré’s mastermind for his impressive work. Daniel Kluge won the sponsorship award.

Participating artists:
Ted Green, Reiner Gerke, Boris Becker, Stacey Blatt, Georg Meissner, Jennifer Lopez-Ayala, Daniel Kuge, Carl Hager, Günter Haese, Melanie Richter, Wolfgang Pilz, Nora Schattauer, Elisabeth Windisch, Andreas Zimmermann, Klaus Kleine, Julia Kröpelin, Monica Lista, Andreas My, Anja Garg, Tim Cullmann, Brigitte Dams and many more…



 Groupshow Vorgebirgspark Skulptur Cologne (DE) 2017

The project „Vorgebirgsparkskulptur“ aims to temporarily present contemporary art in a historic, public green space of the city of Cologne. For this reason, the artists should take a closer look at the character of this green space. All works of art, installations and actions are to be created for this particular place, emphasizing that this is a one-day event in the open air.

Participating artists:
Thomas Vinson, Sebastian Thewes, Christian Sievers, Petra Höcker, Jan Glisman

Text by Peter Lodermeyer 2017, Photos by Andreas Walther and Jan Glisman 2017