Ceramic Competition – 6th International Biennial of Talavera de la Reina (ES) 2013

Ceramic Competition

6th International Biennial of Talavera de la Reina (ES) 2013

The Mayor of Talavera de la Reina, Gonzalo Lago, presented the awards of the 6th biennial international of «city of Talavera Ceramics». In modern ceramics, the German artist Jan Glisman was the winner of the first prize, also worth 4,500 euros, by the  work «Impact 2012». The second prize of 2,500 euros, has been to Emilio Cardeñosa Dorado with the work «Rhombic labyrinth». In the traditional ceramics category, first prize, worth 4,500 euros, was awarded to Fernando pronghorn Muñoz work «Tower». The second prize of 2,500 euros, has been for Tomás Santis Flores for the 'Myths' work. In total, the City Council has distributed 14,000 euros in this edition.

The Councillor of culture, José Luis Muelas, opened the ceremony with a posthumous recognition Antonia Donoso, neighbor of Talavera and winner of the first prize of traditional pottery in the fifth edition of the biennial of ceramics. Then thanked the Mayor, Gonzalo Lago, the continuity of this initiative which aims to enhance the name of the city in the field of ceramics.

Glisman has wanted to represent new ways of working with ceramics, aside from the traditional with the winning piece. In this way, it has experimented with this material and it has resulted 'Impact 2012'. As for pronghorn, which presented five works, said about 'Tower' which has used traditional elements such as the pilillas to configure a tower with 112 of these parts. "I am very happy," said this artist in 50 years, which designed architectures in their work and who has already won at various times this competition. «flag» of talavera. Precisely, the Mayor emphasized that pottery is «flag» city and stressed that it is an international competition. «Where it is pottery, will be Talavera,» said Lake, who emphasized that Governments give priority to this craft.

In total, the Organismo Autónomo Local de Cultura received 131 requests for participation corresponding to 78 artists from different countries. Finally, we selected 44 pieces, 35 in the section on modern ceramics and nine in the traditional. The majority, namely 26, come from Spanish artists, nine of them in Talavera, and the rest from different countries such as Italy, Belgium, China, Germany or Brazil. The exhibition hall of the Centro Cultural Rafael Morales exhibits these days selected parts and the winners, shows that the Mayor visited after the reading of the minutes of the jury.