Circadiane Rhythmik – Soloshow Gallery Schmidt&Schütte Cologne (DE) 2016

Circadiane Rhythmik

Soloshow Gallery Schmidt&Schütte Cologne (DE) 2016

In his solo exhibition Circadian Rhythmik Glisman shows ceramics, videos and video installations from the last three years. The work „Circadian Rhythm“ as well as the video installation „Introjection“ were created during Glisman’s residence in the European Ceramic Development Center in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands. Cinematic documentaries of the performance „Zeitgeber“, which was sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, were created in 2015 on the occasion of the long Night of the Museums in Cologne and are broadcast here for the first time in the gallery’s window 24 hours a day.

The title of the exhibition refers to a term from chronobiology.
As circadian rhythm (also: circadian rhythm) is called in chronobiology summarizing the endogenous (internal) rhythms, which have many organisms influence on the functions of the organism. They were created as an adaptation to the changing environmental conditions in the daily rhythm. The adjective circadian – or with Germanized spelling circadian – can be understood as „around the day“. Colloquially, the entirety of circadian rhythms is also referred to as the „internal clock“.
Glisman’s approaches in the development of his work consist of exposing the matter of his projects to various rhythmic influences. This approach is inspired by the natural phenomena of the science of chronobiology.





Introjection 2016, Videoinstallation HD