circadian rhythm 2016

Circadian Rhythm

industrial stoneware
100cm x 100cm x 30cm

The work is the relict of an experiment, which took place at the end of 2015 in occasion of the museumsnight in Cologne. Through light and darkness, circadian rhythms are adjusted to the day-night cycle, and day rhythms are formed which, for example, regulate the opening of the flowers of plants or the sleeping phase of animals. These natural phenomena arise from the gravitational forces of the planets within our system. These conditions inspired to experiment with earth and gravitation, creating this work. The structure is the core of an originally 3-ton object made of soft industrial material, which hit the ground from a height of more than 30 meters. The soft ceramics encapsulated the inside, cross-shaped steel structure with the force of the impact within fraction of a second. The steel cross was then removed from the still soft ceramic. Finally the work was dried within 6 months and then burned for 3 days in a gas kiln at the European Institute for Ceramics in the Netherlands.