Auswirkung 2012


Aufschlag 2012

(Impact 2012)

industrial stoneware, fibers
100cm x 100cm x 20cm

A sculpture series Glisman first started in 2009 consists of heavy clay tubes thrown from up to 25 m to the ground. The clay compound was developed in several stages especially for this purpose, made of industrial stoneware from sewage conduit construction, mixed with coco, flax fiber, cellulose and fire brick, to guarantee the right viscosity and firmness of the thrown clay. Holding up to several hundred kilograms of weight these cone-shaped cylinders are pulled up vertically into air by cranes or comparable lift-ups and then thrown onto the soil with a mechanism, Glisman developed from an industrial electromagnet, for being able to estimate the exact time of the impact.

The artist abides strictly by the rules of the performance, calculates laws of gravity and magnetism or any other physical effect, uses the right compounding of the clay, to subsequently let go and leave it all to chance. Sealed, poured out or hardened in fire afterwards, the clay is being conserved to make the moment become manifest in the work, when nature forces penetrated human calculations. The sculpture resembles a taxidermy trophy, like a wild animal that has been caught in a battle of nature against mankind and finally having been prepared for an audience.

Text: Maria Wildeis 2012