Introjektion 2016



Videoloop HD 16:9, Beamer, Mirror

Introjection is a psychoanalytical term which is regarded as the process where the subject replicates in himself behaviors, attributes or other fragments of the surrounding world, especially of other subjects. The work functions as a symbol for the methodical approach in the artistic process. Liquid porcelain was filmed on a plasterboard through which compressed air was circulated and placed in an exhibition context using a beamer and a mirror. The videoloop makes the work seem like an eternally seething mass. The air and the ceramic material seem to permeate again and again. At the beginning of a work is the identification with the material. The mind becomes matter, matter becomes spirit, both penetrate each other.

"In essence, man can only love himself; If he loves an object, he takes it into his ego.... Such an increase, such inclusion of the beloved object in the ego, I called introjection. "

- Ferenczi (1911)