Wenn der Fuchs nach Hause kommt… 2016

Wenn der Fuchs nach Hause kommt…

(When the fox comes home…)

50cm x 35cm x 5cm

This work was developed from the remains of a tomb of the Cologne cemetery Melaten. Damage from bombsheets are visible on the surface of these remains, which are from the heavy thousand bomber attacks on Cologne during the second world war. These impact craters are transformed into other materials such as plaster or porcelain by using CAD / CAM techniques. My Grandfather on the mother’s side was also seriously injured in the same war but he survived. A short time later, my mother was born. As a small child, she lovingly made fun of her father’s red hair when he came home from work at night, by singing this song: When the fox comes home, then everything shines red, then mom does not need a lamp anymore, because the fox also glows without a lamp…